MLM Strategies – Your Marketing Funnel

Your businesses marketing funnel is the most important asset that you have. Everything that has to do with marketing your business will happen here. First, you have to have a clear path of what you are trying to convey to your market. Your website promotion is what will make you profitable and maintain your success for the years to come.

Understanding what a marketing funnel really is and how it works is important. clickfunnels review 2020 Essentially your marketing funnel is your success blueprint. It is a planned system that you design to guide targeted prospects along a path that will eventually turn them into a paying customer. Your funnel is where you will brand yourself as the expert and prove to your prospect that you are the leader that they are looking for. Your funnel will usually consist of a series of web pages that your interested party can navigate through in order to receive all the information that they will need to make an informed decision.

The parts of your marketing funnel should be:

  • Your web page.Your web page is where you will present your offer or product. It is very important to have a well designed and easy to follow page. The text should have strong keywords throughout the page that are related to what you are offering. Be careful to not overload your keywords, as this will be construed as spam and not be found. Include personal videos and testimonials that show that you are the expert and that someone that can be trusted.
  • Lead capture form.Your web page is also known as your lead capture page. This is where you insert your lead capture form for them to provide their contact information. One way to get them to provide their information is to give something back in return such as an e-book or specialized report.
  • Thank you page. The thank you page is what appears after the prospect has entered their contact information. This is where you provide you front end offer. This front end offer is usually a low cost service or one of the lower end products. This page may also include your business presentation if you so choose. Again, a personal video and further testimonial should be included here. Include a link here that will take them to your application page.
  • Application page.Your application page is what will qualify them for your time. You can have a simple survey or information sheet that they should fill out letting you know what their specific goals are. Some companies will charge for this just to make sure that the lead is serious about the business. Most have this as a “free for the next 24 hours” special that will entice the prospect to continue.
  • Business overview page. You do not have to include this as part of your funnel. By having this page, you are leveraging your website and their time to explain your business offer. This will free you up to perform other tasks that you may have and in the mean time, remove the possibilities of long drug out phone conversations of you trying to explain. If they are a good prospect, they will have questions prepared for you when you do finally talk.
  • Back end offer (up sell). Just about every business opportunity will have a back end offer. This offer is usually the higher end products that you market. A more detailed business plan video can be inserted here to explain the advantages of these products or services. Over half of your prospects will purchase one of your higher end products (upgrade) either at the time of checkout or later in their business. Provide them the opportunity to do it right from the beginning and your sales of the will increase.

This is just a basic look of what your marketing funnel should look like. You can add to or delete from these as you see fit. Your funnel is in place for you to monetize your business through your website. You can also make adjustments to these pages once you see how they are converting. The most important thing to remember is to utilize this funnel to your advantage. Allow it to do the selling for you.

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