Meticulous Planning Required For an Office Fit-Out

Many companies experience fit-out issues when it comes to planning the logistics of a fit-out. With many areas to consider when redesigning, proper planning is the key to a successful operation.

The first item on the agenda to decide is where existing staff will work whilst the fit-out is carried out. Many companies allow fit-outs to be carried out around their employees’ which shows a lack of respect to their staff, stressing them out, disturbing their workflow and possibly causing them to fall ill if there is dust and particles flying around, which can affect overall productivity of the company. So while it may be more cost effective not to move staff, the detrimental effect it has on staff and the relationships between staff and management means it is a necessity to move staff either to office fit out company another floor in the building or to a temporary office.

Depending on the work carried out it could include moving air conditioning vents, stripping walls down, space planning and choosing the right furniture for the refit. If you are removing ceiling tiles, dust particles will be travelling through the AC system and noise will echo around the office, bouncing off walls.

As you have probably got so far it is best for clients to move their staff to another building or at least to another floor, certainly far enough away to avoid noise disruptions. Not only affecting existing staff but can put off potential employees when conducting interviews and it doesn’t send out the right signals to the marketplace, they will see this company as one that doesn’t take proper safety measures and a productive working environment.

The final reason we highly recommend relocation whilst carrying out a re-fit is the relationship between interior design company and client can turn sour as you try to work together, fitting work around the client, not only causing stress but extending the overall length taking to complete the project. If you are an interior design company you can also lose repeat business.

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