Floor Easel Designs and Uses

The once humble floor easel has undergone a revolution. Ever since it was discovered that easels could serve more purposes than the original versions were designed for, as artists’ work stands, they have been put to use for innumerable purposes. They are used in homes for display, in businesses for advertising and in schools for teaching purposes, just to name a few. For versatility and functionality, nothing beats a floor easel.

Perhaps it was an artist working on a painting who first came up with the idea of creating a decorative easel. Whoever it was, the idea was ingenious. Craftsmen have taken the idea and run with it. Today, these stands are often virtual works of art themselves and make a perfect wedding of form and function.

At its best, functional design not only serves a purpose, but makes a statement. The statement it makes can set a mood, help attract customers or, ideally, both. Such is the case with a floor easel.

Wrought iron, for example is an ideal medium for the construction of a decorative easel. It can be shaped into innumerable designs. An elegant swirl at the apex of a painting stand enhances the appearance of the painting on display. A whimsical pattern atop a stand holding a simple chalkboard menu instantly gives an otherwise unassuming cafe character and distinction.

This is not to say that form comes Display Easel before function. In fact, there are many modern floor easels that are designed for specific functions. For instance, there are adjustable models that can be used to securely hold a multitude of sizes of art works at a variety of heights and even angles.

Depending on one’s needs, a floor easel may be in the traditional tripod design, a bifold design, a four legged design or may even come with wheels. Sometimes it can be quickly and easily folded flat. If an even more compact, collapsible style stand is needed, that can be found, too. Some of these stands are feather weight, but strong enough to securely take a heavy load.

Some display easels are designed specifically for easy transport. These are usually made of aluminum or some other lightweight material and are easy to erect in seconds. When collapsed, many of them can be carried at once in the back of a car, making them the perfect solution for trade shows and other public events. Other light weight stands are double-sided, much like the traditional sandwich board, only more compact and easily moved.

These are just a few of the uses the easel can be put to. The actual list is much longer than this. In fact there is one to fit just about any budget or need. How about a floor easel wine rack for displaying your best bottles of wine, for instance?

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